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Politaplay think this is a game?

~State of PolitaPlay~

The INTERNET is a tool of white supremacy. If you are blind to this fact then you are also a tool of white supremacy. Stop it.


The Magical Mythical consciousness

I am a creature of the world wide webs. The first thing I searched online, while at my local library, was "Yo momma" jokes. Looking back now those jokes were pretty racist actually...

My point is that I have to take responsibility for my cyber footprint. Especially with all that I know. I have used this tech as an innocuous toy. I've made the selfies, got the account and forgot the password. I've built networks of cyber communities, managed social media awareness campaigns, and created blogs that I've neglected for years. I know INTERNET culture. I got the t-shirt, saw the movie, and continue to find whole new ways of being cancelled. #StayTuned

This space will be about confronting the truth about the INTERNET and possibly redeeming my soul about the ways in which I have upheld, maintained, and supported white supremacy thinking online. I don't know how much I can actually challenge white supremacy standards and norms on a system that's basically built by greedy fascist pigs, but here goes. I'll talk more about facts, share links, and sources later.  For now just be aware that it's not your fault for not knowing what I know. It's okay. Sometimes our humanity is doing the best we can with what we know.

But when we finally know better...our humanity depends on us doing better.


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