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The Max far

Max (he, el) is a Queer, cis-gender, gay man born in Acapulco, Mexico and now living in occupied Algonquin lands called, Connecticut in the colonized United States of America. Max started his community activism after being diagnosed with HIV in 2012. After five years working at an AIDS Service Organization, he moved on to working at Open Door Shelter, in Norwalk, Connecticut. At that space he noticed how undocumented LGBTQ+ people were treated and felt compelled to bring change to that community. The Covid pandemic struck just two weeks after being hired as the inaugural Latinx Program Officer for the New Haven Pride Center, which complicated the organizing work. Since that time he’s managed to provide gender affirming advocacy, popular education campaigns and community healing programming for undocumented LGBTQ+ people in Connecticut and beyond. In 2020, Max partnered up with Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement to support the management of Connecticut Familia with other Queer and Trans Undocumented people of color in Connecticut. Max is currently working with Familia:TQLM as a national Organizer in Border Butterflies Project, which is a cross border initiative in collaboration with Transgender Law Center. With BBP Max aims to mobilize queer asylum seekers and LGBTQ+ immigrants to create leadership development spaces where we can all grow and where they can finally choose their own future.

Max Cisneros, the Latinx Program Officer of the New Haven Pride Center was my guest on 3 Questions With…in order to provide insights on the #EndTransDetention campaign, the challenges of coming out in a culture as diverse as Latinos, and the double discrimination.

“LGBTQ immigrants who speak Spanish are in a very particular space”, says Cisneros. The double discrimination of being Brown and LGBTQ in this country he explains is how being queer is not accepted at home, and being Brown is not accepted in (U.S.) society. “We have these limited spaces to go where our whole identities, where our whole self is celebrated, affirmed, and heard.”

What our role in this movement?

What do you wanna see happening for our communities in 2023?

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